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Automatic Glass Door

Welcoming the visitors when they are about to arrive in your office with good gestures adds value to your business. When you own a retail outlet or office, you can consider installing an automatic glass door. Flair Electro Technical Services LLC, Dubai is your reliable partner in installing sliding glass doors that offer multiple benefits. These doors are popular now among commercial property owners for many reasons. From modern appearance to noiseless operation, there are many things to praise. So, let’s take a look at how you can seek the benefit of installing one from our experts.

Convenient entry and exit

A door that can open automatically and close firmly would essentially add convenience for your customers. The door works without any touch and uses motion senses to operate frequently. Thus, it can add more convenience for your customers who are older and physically disabled. Most often wheelchair users are good to opt best advantage from such doors. Also, people carrying their belongings and children along can get hassle-free entrance to your office space.

Ease of traffic flow

During peak hours, an automatic glass door can serve you with the advantage of easy traffic flow. Having a manually-operated door would not add this feature to your business door entrance. Customers have to struggle to open and close the manual door which hinders them from entering inside due to traffic congestion of footfall. Thus, the automated door can open/close automatically, so, it won’t create a mess for the customers getting in and going out. So, during peak business hours, it can promote an easy flow of traffic for your business.

Add safety to business

As you know unknown infections are spreading these days. These viruses and allergens mainly infect the areas like doors and windows. Thus, installing an automated sliding glass door can help you to prevent infection. Since your customers won’t have to touch the door due to its electronic operation. So, the door would certainly not get allergens and bacteria. In addition to this, it can prevent the entrance of airborne pathogens into your office premises. Thus, you can ensure the safety of your customers as well as employees. Having a safe work environment would also add more productivity to the work of employees.

Energy savings

An automatic glass door can help you save energy since it can properly maintain a cool and warm atmosphere inside your premises. In summer, the door would close firmly to stop cooling to get outside. Likewise, it will prevent heating dispel outside the office to deliver a soothing work environment to your employees during winter days. The door will shut completely every time after use to prevent heating and cooling escape from the property.

Better business image

Flair Electro Technical Services LLC installs the best automatic glass door for your commercial space. Thus, it would represent a better business image for your brand. It gives an aesthetic appeal to your property as well as establishes a professional image. Reach us to discuss your need for automated glass doors.