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Parking Management Systems

Once you have designed the layout, you should then decide on how to structure the parking area. Here at Flair Electro Technical Services LLC, we are offering top-notch parking management systems. Being the best-in-class service, we render state-of-the-art systems that revolutionize the parking facilities. Our cutting-edge technologies and intuitive systems are committed to elevating the visitor’s experience. We have a comprehensive approach to carrying out our installation of automated parking systems for residential and commercial areas. We ensure to installation of the latest technology to make parking of every vehicle efficiently utilized. Take a look at some of our modern parking solutions below.

Robotic parking

These days, robotic parking systems are gaining immense popularity across the world. These are the automatic parking stations initially suitable for traditional stand-up garages, underground parking, malls, and offices. These systems comprise car lift technology which is highly suitable when you have to accommodate large numbers of vehicles. Thus, you can use the system as valet parking for the safety and convenience of vehicles parked.

Automatic gate barriers

Automatic gate barriers are also listed as the best parking management systems. These gates work with the help of optical sensors and motion detectors. Thus, at FETS, we can easily integrate these systems with your remote control access. The arm of the automated barrier functions to control and manage the traffic. As per your requirement, we supply the best-suited barrier from the gate such as:

• Smart card insertion
• RFID technology
• Push button operation
• Biometric

Parking gate barriers

A parking gate barrier is generally used to allow and restrict the entrance of cars. This system is best suitable for your commercial facility of parking, checkpoint, entrance to the mall, etc. Thus, you can easily manage the flow of traffic coming to your building. We can deliver you with the fitting of:

• Sliding parking barriers
• Swing barriers
• Bi-folding gates, etc.

Parking ticket dispenser

Flair Electro Technical Services LLC can also install a reliable parking ticket dispenser. It is a vending machine that dispenses tickets for car owners whilst entering a parking space. Thus, when you want the vehicle owners to get access to the car park, they can easily get tickets to use the car park facility. We install the best ticket dispensers for commercial facilities which offer durable and convenient use. We integrate this system into your parking kiosk to allow the utmost convenience to the vehicle owners.

Enhance parking space safety with us

Our parking management systems come with essential features to add security to your exteriors. These systems feature benefits such as card reading, payment receipt printing, integrated payment mechanisms, etc. Thus, no outside vehicle can enter into your parking space without authorization. Apart from the authentic access, these systems also enable you to keep track of vehicles. Thus, you can discuss the need for automated parking systems with us to get a profound solution. Our experts visit your site to take a survey and then provide the most suitable parking solution for your property.