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Sliding and Swing Gates

In Dubai, Flair Electro Technical Services LLC is a renowned brand for sliding and swing gates installation and repair. When it comes to fulfilling security parameters, it comes through the gates. Installing these gates is a must when it comes to structuring a home or office improvement project. Gates do not only provide security but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your property. We are equipped with the right tools and equipment to install sliding gates with proper caution. So, hiring us for sliding gates brings you plentiful benefits. For many property owners, installing sliding gates has become a popular choice for several reasons.

Add convenience to your property

We can provide you with an automated sliding gate which adds convenience to your car parking. It allows you to get inside the property without even getting out of your car. Hence, you can have a clear advantage of these gates when it is raining outside. Also, you can get inside your property directly when reach home late at night. Thus, adding to your safety, the working of these gates is absolutely helpful to add convenience for parking. Also, the gate closes automatically so you don’t have to worry about locking it.

Add more security to your home

As the name implies, sliding and swing gates come with advanced security features such as automatic locks and safety beams. Thus, the automatic functioning of these gates can significantly lower the risk of any unfavorable incident. When you are outside of the car, the automated gate would prevent the risk of getting your car stolen. Moreover, your property would remain safe from the unwanted entrance of intruders. No one could have access to the gate as a sturdy locking system is not possible to collapse with any tools.

Saving the space

Space is not a problem when it comes to installing sliding gates on your property. Whether residential or commercial, you can save the space for adequate car parking and landscaping area. The sliding area works in the horizontal direction, so it won’t cover the space of your property. Less space on your property can benefit from these gates. Thus, you can decide on installing such gates and we bring the right solution to your doorsteps.

Get longer durability

Flair Electro Technical Services LLC has earned a huge reputation for providing only high-quality sliding and swing gates. We only have collaboration with reputed gate manufacturers in Dubai. Therefore, getting the best-quality gate for installation would certainly provide you with extended durability. You don’t have to think about replacement of the gate after a few years. Our products come with a warranty and we can fix petite problems with the working of the gate.

Tailored solution

At FETS, we are available to render you with a tailored solution for sliding and swing gates installation. You can make a choice for the material, design, and finish of the gate. Thus, we determine the size want to fit suitably to your property for adding safety and appeal.